Our Story

Mont Destin is French for Mountain of Destiny.

Erny and I met in 1995 in France while I was backpacking around Europe. His love for South Africa (he had been coming to SA for holidays for a number of years and had good friends here) made the choice of where to live and start our life together relatively easy.

In 1996 we searched the wine lands for 6 months before discovering an incredibly special piece of land which had a view of the Table Mountain, our mountain of destiny.

We were like modern day pioneers as there was absolutely no infrastructure on the land and no vineyards. We started everything from scratch.

After Erny passed away on 19 December 2015, the Destiny took on a whole new meaning.

The first wine Erny and I made together ourselves was a shiraz in 2002. The cellar was filled with music and we fell in love with our creation of something so special – the Destiny was born.

Since then each vintage saw us personally select two to three barrels of our most extraordinary shiraz.

We wanted this wine to be crafted by hand in every sense. So each bottle is hand labelled and the labels are hand numbered and signed.  Our Bürgin family heirloom ring is pressed into the gold wax seal which adorns the front label.

This wine symbolises a journey of passion and love.

Samantha Bürgin  |  info@montdestin.co.za  |  083 288 4985