Crafted With Passion

Crafted With Passion

The grapes were handpicked and transported to the cellar in small lug boxes. On arrival at the winery, the bunches underwent sorting, followed by destemming, then further hand sorting to remove any remaining stems and unripe or imperfect fruit.

Following a light crush, and without pumping, the grapes were lowered into stainless steel tanks. Fermentation was slow and gentle. The skins were basket pressed and the wine matured between 18 and 24 months in new and second-fill French oak barrels.

The Process

Grape bunches ready to be harvested

In the cool early morning hours these ripe bunches were handpicked

Erny carefully tipping the bunches out of a lugbox onto the vibrating sorting table

Removing any unripe and/or over-ripe bunches by hand

Quality controlling the movement of the bunches on the conveyor belt to the destemmer

The family hand sorting out any unripe and/or over-ripe grapes on another vibrating table

Conveyor belt transporting ripe and healthy grapes to the crusher

These grapes dropping into the crusher positioned over a stainless steel satellite tank

A full satellite tank hoisted up onto the tank gantry

The valve of the satellite tank is opened and the grapes fall into a stainless steel fermenting tank

A pre-cooled fermenting tank full of grapes before fermentation begins

Three times a day during fermentation the fermenting grapes are punched through – so that mixing between grape juice and grape skins occur

Wine peacefully fermenting

Wine maturing in 225 litre oak barrels after fermentation and pressing – up to 24 months

Finally in the bottle